About this Blog Site

Do you use Linux on the desktop? If so, how many times have you heard that little voice inside your head say: “…This just has to be it! This year is the year of the Linux desktop!!!…“?

Even though laptop/desktop sales are on the decline, mobiles are perfectly suited to most users’ needs, Compiz is fading in to obscurity and Ubuntu has ditched Unity, I still hear that voice, saying just that, quite often – so much so that I decided to create a blog about it. Every time that little voice starts, I’m going to add another blog entry on Yo!TLD (Year of the Linux Desktop).

Most of what I blog about will focus on the Linux desktop, although I’ll sometimes touch on other things (servers, tech news, opinions, and even a little coding).

I hope you enjoy something on my site, please don’t hesitate asking questions or leaving comments.